PAA Practice Talks (Various Titles)


PAA Practice Talks (Various Titles)

Apr 8, 2024 at - | McNeil 403 - PSC Commons

Speaker Biographies

Adriana Scanteianu - Analyzing the composition of women’s empowerment and its effects on contraceptive use in Rwanda: a latent variable modeling approach

Michael Lachanski - Rethinking the Urban-Industrial Hypothesis in the Historical Sociology of the U.S. Education: Evidence from Complete Count U.S. Censuses 1870-1940

Emily Curran - How Parental Status and Sexual Orientation Shape Economic Outcomes in the United States

Jose Monteiro Da SilvaAge patterns of under-5 mortality sex differentials: revisiting the trends in excess male mortality.

Gwynne Evans-Lomayesva - Factors Explaining Disability Disparity between the American Indian/Alaska Native Population and other Race/Ethnicity Populations

Eugenio Paglino - Estimating Group-Specific Contributions to Life-Table Functions

Katelyn Kim - Fertility Choices of Female Marriage Migrants in South Korea: Associations with Gender Role Attitudes

Anneliese Luck - The Distribution of Carceral Harm: County-Level Jail Incarceration and Mortality by Race, Sex, and Age