Travel arrangements

  • Help arrange plane and train reservations
  • Make hotel/lodging reservations
  • Make and confirm restaurant reservations


  • Prepare and track reimbursement documents for travel and entertainment
  • Prepare reimbursement documents for vendor invoice


  • Help with the purchase of general use and research supplies
  • Facilitate the purchase of computers, software and peripherals
  • Coordinate bid paperwork for equipment purchases over $5,000

 Space management

  • Allocate space, with highest priority given for funded research projects
  • Liaison with the other primary users of the McNeil Building-- Economics and Sociology
  • Coordinate space renovation and maintenance with SAS personnel

 Meetings and catering

  • Help organize conferences, workshops, meetings, luncheons, conference calls, and event catering
  • Rooms can be reserved on your own or with help from staff online via the ISC Classroom Technology Services