Just a friendly reminder, the PARC Aging Retreat is happening this Friday! Take a look at the retreat program to see the agenda for the day.

You are invited to attend the 2024 PARC Aging Retreat"Healthy Aging for All -- Illusion or Promising Future?" This conference will bring together PARC Research Associates and aging researchers from across Penn and will include guests from other external aging centers. The Aging Retreat aims to foster collaborations for innovative aging research, provide networking opportunities, and encourage work that advances the PARC Research Themes. The hybrid day-long retreat will take place at the Population Studies Center's PSC Commons in 403 McNeil and will include keynote speeches by Jennifer Beam Dowd (University of Oxford) and Michael Kobor (University of British Columbia). PARC Research Associates, Affiliates, Fellows, and Penn aging researchers are encouraged to attend! If you haven't done so and plan to attend, REGISTER for the 2024 PARC Aging Retreat!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!


Hans-Peter Kohler & Norma B. Coe
Co-Directors of PARC